SARDA 2017 1/12 Scale Electric National Championship

Antonio Caroli wins the 2017 1/12th Modified Title

The 2017 season of the South African On-Road Electric National Championship for the 1/12th class is complete and Team Xray SA managed to crown 2 x SA National Champions and 2 x vice champions.

(f.l.t.r) Antonio Caroli (1/12th Modified), Francois Laubscher (1/12th Stock)

1/12th Modified

Antonio Caroli managed to win the title in a great battle with Hein Kotze, Shaun Schutte, Marius van Niekerk and Andre Greeff.

The top 10 for 1/12th Modified for 2017:

  1. Antonio Caroli (Xray) – Champion
  2. Hein Kotze (Xray) – Vice Champion
  3. André Greeff (Xray)
  4. Shaun Schutte (Xray)
  5. Marius van Niekerk (Xray)
  6. Willie du Plooy (Xray)
  7. Ashley Hurley (Xray)
  8. Anthony Smith (Xray)
  9. Wayde Solomon (Xray)
  10. Brandon Solomon (Xray)

1/12th Stock (13.5T)

The series hosted a great battle between the youngsters Brandon Solomon and Francois Laubscher with Francois managing to take the title and Brandon Solomon crowned as the vice-champion.

The top 10 for 1/12th Stock (13.5T) for 2017:

  1. Francois Laubscher (Xray) – Champion
  2. Brandon Solomon (Xray) – Vice Champion
  3. Wayde Solomon (Xray)
  4. Gerry Esterhuizen (Xray)
  5. Jonathan Wilken (Xray)
  6. Patrick Lester (Xray)
  7. Bianka Landman (Xray)
  8. Petrus Wasserman (Xray)
  9. Anthony Smith (Xray)
  10. John Fitzsimmons (Xray)