2019 SARDA National EP Off-road Championship Rd2 – Report

TRAP Raceway was host to the 2nd round of the SARDA National Championship in Pretoria, South Africa. TRAP being a tight track with not many oppurtunities to pass makes qualifying in a good position vital, this also led to some of closest and most exciting racing we have seen for a while with everyone hunting the top step of the podium.

Top Qualifiers:

  • 4wd Modified – Charles Hollander
  • 2wd Modified – Charles Hollander
  • 4wd Stock – Michael Gibson
  • 2wd Stock – Wikus Coetzer
  • Stadium Trucks – Wikus Coetzer
  • 2wd Shortcourse Trucks – Wikus Coetzer

Final Race Results:

4wd Modified A-Main:

  1. Charles Hollander
  2. Jacques Liebenberg
  3. Michael Gibson

2wd Modified A-Main:

  1. Charles Hollander
  2. Rikus Jansen Van Vuuren
  3. Wikus Coetzer

2wd Stock A-Main:

  1. Ian Cloud
  2. Wikus Coetzer
  3. Pieter Swemmer

4wd Stock A-Main:

  1. Michael Gibson
  2. Wikus Coetzer
  3. Jan Venter

2wd Shortcourse Trucks:

  1. Wikus Coetzer
  2. Wikus van den Berg
  3. Mark Jooste

Stadium Trucks:

  1. Wikus Coetzer
  2. Pieter Swemmer
  3. Kevin Rousseau