2018 1/12 Scale Nationals Round 3 – Welkom

Caroli and Laubscher win 1/12th in South Africa

The third round of the 2018 South-African ORE 1/12th national championship series was held at the Welkom RC Arena on Saturday 02 June 2018. All drivers arrived Friday for some practise and setup runs.

1/12th Scale Modified

After missing round 2 due to his host responsibilities at the pre-worlds, the local driver Antonio Caroli showed good early pace during practise with Marius van Niekerk, Shaun Schutte, Willie du Plooy and Wayne Joelson also running good fast laps. It was Antonio Caroli who managed to secure TQ with his Xray X12 with Marius van Niekerk and Willie du Plooy starting from 2nd and 3rd respectively. In the mains it was Antonio who set the early pace in A1 and also managed to win A2 to secure the overall victory. Marius van Niekerk showed great pace to take the 2nd spot on the podium with Shaun Schutte securing a great 3rd place after starting from 8th on the grid.

The final results for the 1/12th Scale Modified A-Main:

  1. Antonio Caroli (TQ) (Xray)
  2. Marius van Niekerk (Xray)
  3. Shaun Schutte (Xray)
  4. Francois Laubscher (Xray)
  5. Willie du Plooy (Xray)
  6. Rowan Bowar (Associated)
  7. Brandon Solomon (Xray)
  8. Wayne Joelson (Yokomo)
  9. Wade Solomon (Xray)
  10. Anderton Smith (Xray)

1/12th Stock (13.5 Blinky)

The qualification rounds saw a great battle between Francois Laubscher and Pat Lester for the TQ spot. In Q1 and Q2 Francois got the win. Francois experienced some technical problems in Q3 and Pat was there to win Q3. Francois eventually put in a good run in Q4 to ensure his TQ spot. In the mains it was Francois winning with Pat close behind him and the lady driver Bianka Landman finishing on the podium in 3rd spot.

The final results for the 1/12th Scale Stock A-Main:

  1. Francois Laubscher (TQ) (Xray)
  2. Patrick Lester (Xray)
  3. Bianka Landman (Xray)
  4. Petrus Wasserman (Xray)